Christopher Performance Horses


     Eber and Maureen started their CPH business somewhere around 1976. Both had vast experience in horses, and decided to invest in AQHA stallion Mr Barbie Cody Jac, a red dun son of Hollywood Jac 86, NRHA Hall Of Fame, and out of a leading daughter of Joe Cody, NRHA & AQHA Hall Of Fame. This specialty bred stallion was part of Richard Greenberg's program. He was incorporated into the CPH breeding program as a 3 yr old. This amazing stallion was never shown or even saddled due to a broken shoulder as a yearling. He did in fact prove to be a potent sire of reiners, both AQHA and NRHA with many winners to his credit. 

     In 1982, QT Poco Streke was purchased as a resale prospect. He was a 2 yr old black and white tobiano paint stallion with a paint pattern Maureen recognized as that of a homozygous horse. While prepping him for resale, Eber climbed on to get him started under saddle, and was shocked to feel that wonderful soft mouth, light body feel, and natural flex we always look for in our reiners. With a very limited riding, Eber recognized the natural ability he sought in his show horses in this loud paint, and he was taken of the resale list. With a few more months of training he knew he had a good one. Not to mention the fact that he would always produce a paint. The word "homozygous" was never heard back then but they knew. What an amazing opportunity to introduce some great QH pedigrees into the very deficient tobiano show and breeding horses. But first the paint stallion would have to prove himself worthy to sire foals from these well bred QH mares. That opportunity came at the All American Paint Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio. Eber showed QT to a reserve NRHA Limited Open win against 47 quarter horses. Immediately after this show, QT headed to the American Paint Horse Congress in Witchita, Kansas, where he won the senior reining, with 15 head entered, and easily won it under all judges. On to the APHA World Show where QT finished reserve in the Reining Sweepstakes. The rest is history! QT left the tobiano paint horse world in much better shape than he found it. With over 600 colored foals and many with great records, his name can still be found on many tobiano pedigrees today.

     In April of 2014 QT passed away suddenly, CPH began searching for a stallion to begin a new era in paints. Maureen located Color Me Quick Cash (Trendy) at the beginning of his 3 yr old year.  He was as unique as any tobiano stallion could be. He is a SOLID homozygous stallion, and if that's not enough, he is homozygous for the black gene, and the cream gene, with 2 recessive agouti genes. This means he will always produce a tobiano, either buckskin or smokey black. This breeding anomaly is only part of his desirability for CPH, he also carried the blood of QT Poco Streke and his most successful mate McBear Crystal, and coupled with his inherited ability for reining and cow horse work he fit the CPH program to a T. Time will tell the story for Trendy and the CPH paint horse legacy.