Color Me Quick Cash



Color Me Quick Cash or "Trendy" as he is called by most, is a smokey cream homozygous tobiano stallion, with the most unique combination of genetics. He was born a solid tobiano, and his homozygous genotype make him very rare. Coupled with his homozygosity for the black gene, the cream gene, and double recessive agouti, he is even more uncommon. His genetic markers are:  aa EE CRCR TOTO. Trendy's registration status was changed to Regular Registry in 2017.  His foals will be either buckskin tobianos or smokey black tobianos. As if his genetics were not enough, he is an outstanding athlete with a quiet mind, and strong body. Watch for Trendy in the show ring in the future, (he already has earned 5.5 APHA points in his first 2 shows.  Be sure to check out his foals shown on the web site under Horses for Sale, 2017 foals and yearlings. Trendy is 6 panel & EVA neg.